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Welcome to Superior Pools and Spas, North Carolina’s preeminent builder of luxurious aquatic escapes. From our three locations in the Charlotte, Raleigh and Greensboro areas, we proudly serve Charlotte residential pools and commercial clients throughout much of the Carolinas. We are proud to bring our over thirty years of design and construction experience to bear on each and every project to ensure that your pool and spa truly are “superior”!

Superior Design

At Superior Pools and Spas, we believe our work speaks for itself. As you delve through the dazzling photo Gallery of some of our previous projects, you immediately notice the originality of design and the attention to detail that goes into every Superior Pool and Spa. Every customer we work with is unique with individual desires and ideals, and we believe in designing pools that celebrate that individuality! From a cosmopolitan infinity pool showcased by an intriguing multi-level hardscape, to a lavish spa backlit by romantic fire glow, the scope of our creativity and ingenuity is unparalleled.

Water Features

Charlotte, Raleigh, & Greensboro Custom Spas, Rock Waterfalls & more

Water features can bring a whole new dimension to your backyard pool. From something like a simple laminar to a more extravagant feature like a natural waterfall, the concept of moving water attracts attention and gets people talking. By incorporating water features into your poolscape, you’ll not only add an artistic element, but more depth and character, as well. From tanning ledges, grottos, sheer descents and more, the pool design experts at Superior Pools NC can help you select the right water feature that complements your swimming pool and backyard retreat.

water fall - water features


Waterfalls make a classic addition to any pool style and are always popular with children. Our custom designed pool waterfalls offer endless design options – from natural rock waterfalls to flagstone waterfalls and spa spillovers. Waterfalls can be created from Natural stone or precast materials. Waterfalls can be as large

sunshelf - water features


A sunshelf or tanning ledge is a flat ledge typically located at the entrance of the pool. This tanning ledge is the perfect location for a lounge chair or the sun-worshipper who wants to avoid getting overheated from the sun or fully submerged while enjoying the pool. Includes a standard sized umbrella sleeve.

Swim-up Bars - water features

Swim-up Bars

Swim-up bars are a great way to bring the fun of having a cocktail or food served to you in the pool because if you don’t have to get out why would you? These areas feature built-in bar stools made of stone, tile or precast finishes and a bar that can be adorned in glass tile or beads. The options are endless.

Deck Jets - water features

Deck Jets & Laminars

Deck Jets use air to shoot streams of water from the deck into the pool. Laminars arc across the swimming pool for an elegant and fun addition to your swimming pool. They make for particularly fascinating water features at night when backlit with LED lights. Your kids will love chasing the glowing water!

grottos - water features


Create a romantic getaway or a place for pirate’s treasure – in your own pool! A grotto uses rock & boulders (natural or man-made) to create a small cave where water runs-off, giving your pool an exotic, tropical element.

pool slides - water features

Pool Slides

Gone are the days of the unattractive plastic tube slide. Our custom built pool water slides are designed to accentuate your overall pool design while offering hours of pool fun. Each water slide is crafted to fit your pool’s shape with colors and materials that complement your coping and pool deck.

sheer decents - water features

Sheer descents & Scuppers

A sheer descent or scupper is a straight, linear water feature that drops a clean, sheet of water into your pool. These water features create a soothing water sound with an elegant, majestic look.

Superior Pools and Spas Remodeling Services

pool renovation

Pool Renovation Charlotte, Raleigh, & Greensboro

Superior Pools and Spas offers a full range of pool renovation and remodeling services – whether you’re looking for a smaller job like tile replacement or completely overhauling your existing pool, we’re ready to turn your old pool into your dream pool.

Pool Remodeling – Making Your Pool More Functional

Our goal at Superior Pools and Spas is to ensure you have the backyard you want. So if your pool works well but doesn’t meet the needs of your family, we are able to remodel it so it’s functional and good to look at. Our renovation and remodel experts are the best, and the options are endless when it comes to what we can do.

If you crave the beauty and tranquility of water features or the drama and ambiance of fire bowls and color-changing lights, we can help. Or perhaps you’d like to incorporate a spa into your poolscape so the family has a place to go when they want to relax. Whatever additions you’re wanting to add, contact Superior Custom Pools and Spas to have us start designing today.

Pool Renovations to Update Your Pool

From updated, energy-efficient equipment to new, better-quality materials to water features and damage repair, Superior Pools and Spas can restore any poolscape. When you retrofit your existing pool with new equipment, not only with you notice a change for the better in how your pool functions and operates, you’ll also notice a significant change in your utility bill.

Today’s equipment is much more efficient than it was many years ago, and we want you to be able to benefit from that. If you notice your pool losing water or not staying clean for very long, it may be time for updates. Not only can this cost you thousands of dollars a year in utilities, you may also be risking damage to your home’s foundation or other structures.

Call the professionals at Superior Pools and Spas today to turn the pool you have into the pool you want.




Superior Pools and Spa
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